Olay Gift Set ONLY $0.01

Walmart has the  Olay Spa Gift Set Caddy with Bonus 1-Year Subscription to Allure Magazine for ONLY $10 with FREE shipping to your house! And, even better, if you forgo the subscription, you can submit for a $9.99 rebate found here through 6/30/2012.

There are two different sets you can choose from the Venus Series Holiday or the Venus Spa Breeze set. Both are eligible for the rebate.

To submit for your rebate, find the card inside your package and submit with the rebate form (print entire page and ONLY fill out the info at bottom of page).  You’ll get back $9.99, making this ONLY $0.01!! This would make an excellent Christmas gift!



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  1. Hi,
    Am I missing something here? Please help…As I don’t want to purchase this UNLESS there is an actual rebate. Every site I’ve looked at says you can get this form online and there IS NONE. only the form to redeem for the mag sub.

    I am not so sure that this form is for an actual rebate for 9.99. It is called a “Redemption Form”, and I believe it is to get the magazine sub. I see nothing on that form that says it will refund you 9.99.

    So, however you can help will be great! Thanks so much!

    • Hope this helps. If you follow the link I posted a page that has Allure at the top will come up. Print it out and read the fine print on page 3. It says if you would prefer not to get a subscription and instead prefer to receive a refund please fill out the form below. At the very bottom of the page there is an area that ask for your name and address. The only thing I’m not totally sure on is if we will be refunded $9 or $9.99. I have read of people who did this several weeks ago and it worked without any problem. Hope it works for you if you decide to do it. Let me know if you have any other questions.

      • Thanks oodles! Your explanation was so valuable! I would have had NO idea! It was not clear at all before! I guess I’m not familiar with this kind of “offer” and hopefully this will make me a little more aware and savvy with similar ones in the future.
        Again, thanks much,
        Blessings to you! Just discovered your site through this! 🙂
        BTW, I DID order one, and that’s all they allow. I went through MrRebates for a 3% Cashback and Free shipping. Also there was a 50c tax, perhaps because of the state i live in.

      • You are welcome. To tell you the truth I’m not real familiar with this kind of offer. Hoping it works like they say it does:)
        Glad you stopped by my site, hope to see you around some more.

  2. As of today 10/21/11 Walmart.com has this on sale for $9.00! Not sure if you would make a dollar or if it would be free.

    • Thanks for commenting! Another reader also left me know they are coming up $9 online as well. I’m not sure either if it would be a dollar moneymaker or not. From the rebate it looks like it could be but not positive.Either way still an excellent deal.

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