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Recyclebank: Earn 25 Points

You can add 25 points to your recyclebank account by heading over here. If you are not a member sign up here and start earning points which can be redeemed for great coupons.


RecycleBank A Great Way To Score Coupons

RecycleBank is another great way to obtain coupons. Once you have signed up for an account, you can start earning points immediately by clicking on the “Earn Points” tab and taking quizzes. You can then use your points to purchase high value coupons for groceries and/or discounts at online stores. After signing in, click on the “Get Rewards” tab and you’ll be able to start scrolling through the rewards they have available.

One of my favorite rewards on Recyclebank is a coupon for $10 off 2 entrees at Ruby Tuesday and it only costs 100 points, which does not take long to accumulate. Several other great coupons: 100 points for a FREE smoothie at McDonalds or 150 points for $1 off any Coke product, with this coupon you can score a FREE 2 liter. Under the coupons it will tell you if it is one you print out or if it will be mailed to you.


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